dot 9: thinking


I generally think too much, or so I think. Most of the time there seems to be a significant imbalance between thinking and art[making]. This weighted difference can distress me at times simply because the output of all my thinking – as represented in the above image – is minimal. This is not to say that the output of cognitive work should be equated to volume of mass. Often what is essential can be counted on one hand.

Hands can be telling as they forage through the air. Gestures tell their own story apart from what their humans may be saying. In the 14 minute video Three Views of the Higgs and Dance Emily Coates(Dance) and Sarah Demers (Physics) collaborate with physicists at CERN with the view to create a dance. Art and Science is to meet. They ask physicists to firstly tell them about Higgs and, secondly, to describe what the dance would look like if the Higgs field were able to be portrayed. In this collaboration it is the gestures that will create the dance.

What I found utterly fascinating was the fact that each physicists appeared not only willing to collaborate, but completely engaged in this transitory process where they moved beyond pure scientific thinking. How did they do this? How were they able to leave the thinking space to pursue a more imaginary one? My view is that their gestures – directly related to the movement of their minds – helped push them towards a more embodied imagination.

As Albert Einstein said:

I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world.


For more on the physicists interviewed (video) at CERN visit


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